Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing, Trance and Magic

Energy dancing is a form of dance which takes the dancer into a trance state, an altered state of consciousness which accesses the magical realms of inner space. The dancer not only moves muscle and sinew to express the rhythms of music, but also through breathing and concentration, moves energy from the body's auric fields through the dancers on the dancefloor.

In this way the trance dancer becomes an energy transducer, stepping down energy from the higher vibrational wavelengths of sound and light through breath and movement into etheric energy fields. So the trance dancer is able to inspire and energize others by means of the flowing movements and kinaesthetic energy s/he creates.

While trance dancing has been an intrinsic part of human experience from the earliest times, it is only now that technology has provided us with a new capacity to explore reality that we are really starting to get to grips with trance. Computers and electronics give us the power to explore sound in ways which were not possible before, even as chemical technologies provide us with means to access unique altered states of consciousness. The powerful bass rhythms and soaring electronic pulses of modern electronic dance music combine with the expanded sensory capacities granted by psychotropic drugs to open new levels of perception for people on the dancefloor.

The huge popularity of James Redfield's book The Celestine Prophecy, indicates the key nature of his insights for the Twenty First Century -- that human existence itself is an energy phenomenon. So our interactions are based on energy transactions and vibrational frequencies, which impact individual human beings at both physical and non-physical levels. For the energy-shifting effects of trance dancing to become fully manifest, a dancer with the necessary aptitude moves in the intense energy field generated by high- level sound and light frequencies generally found at raves, trance parties, clubs etc.

Energy and Auras

Raves are about energy -- the energy of music and the energy of dancing. While dancing is about expressing the individual's experience of music, it is also a kinaesthetic transformation of the emotional and physical energy of the music as it reverberates through the body. But human beings are more than just the physical form which presents itself to our physical senses, such as sight and touch.

Energy phenomena related to human functioning are recorded in various esoteric teachings, from Tantra to yoga and esoteric healing. Phenomena such as auric fields and the chakra system of the subtle energy body show that we are essentially energy beings, with energy bodies which extend beyond the boundaries delimited by the narrow range of phenomena which our sense organs can normally perceive.

Sight, our primary mechanism for obtaining information about our environment, is limited to a very narrow range of the total light spectrum, and the same goes for our other senses. Nevertheless, sub-atomic physics informs us that the atomic structure of the molecules from which we are made, comprise of the smallest identifiable components of physicality -- electrons -- and that these components, as they whizz into and out of probability, exist as part of a vibrant energy field.

Some people have more sensitive perceptions, being able to see the subtle energy body of the aura for example. The aura extends further than our physical form, consisting of up to seven different layers, which surround and interpenetrate the physical form. When we dance, we are able to become more aware of our energy body, as well as the energy bodies of those around us. This subtle perception can be enhanced by psychotropic drugs, particularly those such as LSD, Ecstasy and Mescaline, which not only sharpen perception, but also boost the energy body by increasing the physical body's metabolic rate.

The energy field is also intrinsically related to mind; just as the brain has its own energy patterns which follow the course of electro-chemical energies along neural pathways, so mind is a directing 'force' in the energy field. Mind directs the flow of energy in the energy field, as evinced in physical movement. This is essentially magic, especially where the force of mind is amplified and directed through the use of symbolic systems such as totems and rituals. The capacity of mind to direct energy flows can also be enhanced through the attainment of altered states of consciousness, such as trance states.

It is through such altered states of consciousness that participants transcend ordinary reality and gain a connectedness to higher order information systems. In rave culture, some people report experiencing a 'group mind' or 'collective consciousness' while dancing to electronic dance music such as Techno, House, Trance etc.). Whether such orders of consciousness exist solely within the individual psyche or not is debatable, but a higher order consciousness might be similar to the idea of 'species mind' developed by Hegel, as being the spiritual side of the universe, which was basically the totality of all minds in existence.

The collective consciousness effect could also be equivalent to tapping into the sort of subliminal consciousness which Elias Cannetti (1973) attributes to the 'crowd mind' exhibited through the collective behavior of crowds. Rupert Sheldrake (1988) on the other hand might explain the phenomenon by what he calls 'morphic resonance'.

Morphic fields are "potential organizing patterns of influence" which, while they are localized to the particular systems which they organize, are not constrained by space or time -- i.e. they operate trans-temporally and trans-spatially, hence giving rise to phenomena such as telepathy.

Sheldrake defines fields as 'non-material regions of influence', which form the basis of the universe in which we exist -- for example gravitational fields which, according to Einstein, are the very fabric of space-time, and electro-magnetic fields in which vibratory energies such as light, radio waves etc. travel. Objects within these fields can affect each other at a distance because of interaction through the medium of the field. According to this view, even matter itself is the result of vibratory energies within fields.

It is principles such as altered states of awareness and magic which have occasioned the idea of shamanism becoming associated with Rave culture. Rave DJs for example have been referred to as modern shamen, taking people on a kind of spiritual journey through the experience of music and dance.

Dance Magic

Magic can be defined as the alteration of events in physical reality through the focussing of mental and emotional energy. This energy is focussed through the use of particular symbol systems which can include ritual, icons, sound and dance. All of these elements are present, to varying degrees, at Raves, Trance parties etc.; however one of the most important components of magic, intention, has up to now been largely an unconscious affair among party goers, due to the neglect of the magical arts in our western society.

One role of the trance dancer is to re-introduce intention into the magical Rave equation. In this case the dancer becomes an 'energy director', one who consciously moves and directs energy to other people. The dancer becomes a modern shaman, one who travels the realms of the inner planes, those spiritual dimensions where archetypal symbols such as the world tree, as well as spirit beings, are to be found.

Through movement, the dancer expresses his/her travels in this inner realm to those outside; this is dance performance, the earliest form of theatre, where the shaman both entertains and informs his audience, bringing in the end healing and catharsis to the community.

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