The Party at the End of Time

Party on, dude!

Imagine dancing in communal ecstasy with the planet -- a global dance party, where everyone is aware of being together, as one... a massive gathering of like-minded people from all over the world, united with the intention of altering our destiny...

he year 2012 has been widely predicted as being the end of our current time cycle. A frequently given source for this date is the Mayan calender, of which visionaries such as Terrence McKenna and Drunvalo Melchizidek speak.

Because this year is a kind of strange attractor in time, and is even predicted to be the end of Time as we currently know it (what McKenna calls the Eschaton), it marks a significant temporal point for a world-changing event. This event could be a global party, where dance events in different locations around the world are linked together with video links via satellite or Internet.

You will find more information on the following pages. There are two levels of information provided (see table of links below). Level One outlines the basic ideas. Level Two deals with the concepts in an in-depth, theoretical manner. And underlying it all is the notion of Love.

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