The Rave is an energy event, where amplified music and flashing lights like strobes and lasers, combine to create a field of resonance in which the dancers move.

This energy event is part of the greater energy field of society; what happens at raves affects society as a whole, even those who are not at the rave.

The individuals who participate in the rave bring back their changes in outlook and experience to everyday life, and this alone has a ripple effect on the social fabric.

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So a positive, life-affirming and life-changing experience at a Rave has a positive effect on society as a whole, on people's ways of seeing, techniques of coping with life and of mechanisms for interacting with one another. Some would even argue that a Rave event ripples through the information field of the universe itself, affecting the morphic field which constitutes our collective Mind. According to this perspective Mind is a collective phenomenon which is the shared resource of all living beings.

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