Chaos theory shows us how events at the small scale can affect the outcome of a total system through the principle of recursivity. This principle can be seen at work in fractals, which are generated by mathematical equations.

When a fractal equation is calculated, the outcome of the equation is put back into it as its starting point, over and over again -- in other words a repetitive, ongoing process of dynamic development.

So the collective impact of repeated raves with similar themes can have a significant impact on the future of humankind.

Going beyond the dogma of specific religious or political outlooks to find one common, underlying human theme is one of the best strategies to ensure the survival of our species (and many others) here on planet Earth.

This means communicating with one another on a global basis, and on an equal footing.

Humankind must come together as one to jointly decide on our course for the future. But this cannot be a political gathering, where that outcome is necessarily expressed in words, to become yet another dogma.

We must go beyond words, create a ritual through sign systems which can set our common course for the future. In this way we can create a magical environment to translate ourselves into fourth dimensional consciousness and as Terrence McKenna says, "re-engineer our society as a set of emotional values".


The Party!

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