Fourth Dimensional Communications

Terrence McKenna describes a realm he has encountered on his psycho-chemical excursions, where entities he calls "language elves" convey meaning through manifesting 'sound objects'. As the bold ethnopsychopharmacologist describes it,
"One hears and beholds a language of alien meaning that is conveying alien information that cannot be Englished."
Perhaps the millenial attractor which McKenna terms "the eschaton" is the breakthrough point of consciousness, when we transcend language as we know it today.

The total symbol system of the Rave, including music, lighting, sets, setting (locations -- eg. on the Chakra centres of the Earth) and the intention of the participants, combine to create a light vehicle which can transport the collective mind to higher dimensions. The navigators of this vehicle include the sound djs, light and video jockeys and the shamen of dance.

Rave On!

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