On Love

On Love

Why is it there is so much love to be had, yet we have so little? Isn't it strange how Ecstasy (MDMA) seems to open us up to the experience of love? It is like opening a gate within us which has long been shut, which lets the light of love shine through us, through the portals of the heart. But why do we need a drug to do this for us?

All the great mystics -- Jesus, Buddha, Mahommed, to name but a few -- have spoken of god as love. Yet people take their words and live for the words alone, making walls and fences of them to keep love in, to hold it bound and constrained -- and even to turn the force of love, which holds people together, against others.

How thin the bounds between love and hate! When love becomes something that holds together "us" against "them"; when to follow a path supposedly leading towards the light of the universe's creator means that we hate those who do not think as we do -- how far do we fall from love, separating ourselves even further from the divinity we profess to seek?

If that which we know as god is love, and god is the universe, then the universe -- all that is -- is love. So love is the generative force from which all that is, springs forth. Love drops into light, like clouds seeding rain upon the earth. Light condenses into matter, its vibration setting into the forms of material things.

As humans, we have made the long journey through inanimate matter, through the many forms of living organisms, to reach our current state. And slowly, over the millenia, we have awoken to the power of mind, giving birth to words and matching them with hands, our nimble fingers and dextrous thumbs, to build our world around us as nature grew environments for us to live in.

What wonders have we wrought -- philosophies, machines, chemistries, physics -- now the very atoms of creation leap to our command! Yet with all this power, we destroy, both the earth and each other.

Now we can look back at all that has been, on our long journey. And from the ramparts of our civilization's high tower, see distant perspectives that lead our inner vision beyond the confines of the everyday world. In that vista we can perceive our own weakness, our own folly, as well as the greatness of our noblest achievements.

We can also see how the myths on which we build our societies are prisons of our own making; we have created them from our dreams, from our hopes and imaginings -- and from our deepest fears.

Perhaps if we look far enough into the future, we can catch a glimpse of our own potential. We are the ones who define ourselves, our own lived reality. God has given us certain limits -- or so it seems. But once we understand with our innermost beings that we are love, that we are light -- then will many of those limitations disappear, like the morning mist before the power of the noonday sun.

There is no end, no limit to love. It is the boundless ocean in which we live. We have but to open our hearts to it, let it pour through us like pent-up water through the floodgates of a dam. Let the power of light drive us. Let there be Love!

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