Trance Dancing

What is Trance Dancing?

Trance is an altered state of consciousness which accesses the magical realms of inner space. The trance dancer not only moves muscle and sinew to express the rhythms of music, but also through breathing and concentration, moves energy from the body's auric fields through the dancers on the dancefloor. In this way the trance dancer becomes an energy transducer, stepping down energy from the higher vibrational wavelengths of sound and light into etheric energy fields. So the trance dancer is able to inspire and energize others by means of the flowing movements and kinaesthetic energy s/he creates.

While trance dancing has been an intrinsic part of human experience from the earliest times, it is only now that technology has provided us with a new capacity to explore reality that we are really starting to get to grips with trance. Computers and electronics give us the power to explore sound in ways which were not possible before, even as chemical technologies provide us with means to access unique altered states of consciousness. The powerful bass rhythms and soaring electronic pulses of techno music combine with the expanded sensory capacities granted by psychotropic drugs, to open new levels of perception for people on the dancefloor.

The huge popularity of James Redfield's book, The Celestine Prophecy, indicates the key nature of his insights for this latter part of the Twentieth Century -- that human interactions and existence are based on energy transactions and vibrational frequencies, which impact individual human beings at both physical and non-physical levels. For the energy-shifting effects of trance dancing to become fully manifest, a dancer with the necessary aptitude moves in the intense energy field generated by high- level sound and light frequencies generally found at techno raves or clubs. Moving energy with intention in the dreamtime rave-state is a form of dance magic.