Dance Magic

Magic can be defined as the alteration of events in physical reality through the focussing of mental and emotional energy. This energy is focussed through the use of particular symbol systems which can include ritual, icons, sound and dance. All of these elements are present, to varying degrees, at Raves; however one of the most important components of magic, intention, has up to now been largely an unconscious affair among Rave participants, due to the neglect of the magical arts in our western society.

One role of the trance dancer is to re-introduce intention into the magical Rave equation. In this case the dancer becomes an 'energy director', one who consciously moves and directs energy to other people. The dancer becomes a modern shaman, one who travels the realms of the inner planes, those spiritual dimensions where archetypal symbols such as the world tree are to be found. Through movement, the dancer expresses his/her travels in this inner realm to those outside. This is dance performance, the earliest form of theatre, where the shaman both entertains and informs his audience, bringing in the end healing and catharsis to the community.